Student Prizes

Dr. Martin J. Siegel Prize
for Excellence in Student Research


The Martin Siegel Prize is awarded annually to the Kean University History Major who best exhibits excellence in Historical Writing and Research through achievement in the History Senior Seminar. Students are nominated by the History Faculty who then select the winning candidate. The Martin Siegel Prize was established by Adrienne Siegel in honor of her late husband, who taught in the Kean University History Department for 40 years.

Dr. Adrienne Siegel

The award is for an original work of historical scholarship by a student and will be awarded annually--See Dr. Elizabeth Hyde for details.


2018- Christopher Morrison- for his work on the study of human sacrifice as a pretense for the Conquest of Mexico

2017- Jessica DiFranco - 

2016- Colin Scotti - for his work on the historiography of Thomas Jefferson 

2015 - Michael Carter - for his work on the use of the term 'genocide'

2014 – Abigail Petritsch - for her work on the historiography  of Joan of Arc

2013 - Jonathan Lestrange - for his work on the historiography of the holocaust

2012 - Joshua Robinson - for his work on the historiography of the sexuality of the composer Franz Schubert

2011 - Christina Santoro for her work on the historiography of Feminism and the family unit

2010 - Kyle Dunich for his work on the French Enlightenment

2009 - Cynthia M. Fragale, winner of the first Siegel Prize for Excellence in Researching and Writing

Mark Edward Lender Prize 

For Best Student Paper Incorporating Original Primary Source Research

2018 Deadline:  March 31, by student submission and/or faculty nomination


2018- Caleb Dagnall- for his paper entitled "Statehood and Sovereignty: A case Study of William Livingston from                  Philosophe to Federalist"


Marcus Ellis Award 

For Excellence in Teaching

The Department of History announces the Inaugural Marcus Corey Ellis Prize for Excellence in Student Teaching.  This award, offered by the Department of History, honors the memory of Marcus Ellis, a Kean University student, majoring in History with Social Studies Certification, whose life ended tragically on August 31, 2016.  Marcus is remembered by his professors and classmates for his hard work in the classroom.   He was dedicated to helping others through his leadership, volunteer and internship efforts, and ultimately by becoming a history teacher.  This award will assist Kean History students and future teachers as they complete their student teaching and achieve the goals that Marcus had been pursuing.

In remembering Marcus Ellis, the Department will honor one or more outstanding students majoring in History with Social Studies Certification and preparing to complete their Student teaching experience (aka Senior Field) in AY.  


2018- Connor Effenberger and Juliana Reents

2017- Caleb Dagnall

2018 Deadline:  April 1 by student application

Please contact Dr. Jonathan Mercantini with any questions.