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A degree in History
will give you the analytical, research, writing, and critical thinking skills prized by a wide range of employers and careers. Or, consider a Minor in History to augment your Major field (just 18 credits).
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Department Mission Statement

The Department of History is one of Kean University's oldest and most productive programs of study and has been a part of the instructional component of the institution since its inception in 1855. It is one of the best in the region.

The Mission of the Department of History, in support of the Missions of Kean University, the Division of Academic Affairs, and the College of Liberal Arts (CLA), develops emerging scholars capable of thinking critically, communicating across cultures, researching, analyzing, writing and reasoning within the perspective of historical literacy and done within a global context: skills in high demand to employers in a wide range of disciplines.

Every student will meet basic standards which include insights into cultures and problems of civilizations; the whole and the interaction of the parts; an understanding of human groupings—countries, religions, civilizations—which have generated the emotions, symbols, and values of contemporary life; and a working knowledge of complex causes of the rise and fall of societies as well as of the underlying realities of leadership, social class and power. History graduates will be capable of producing quality research, and as teacher/scholars encourage and inspire tolerance and mutual understanding as responsible and responsive members of a civic community.

Department of History
College of Liberal Arts
Kean University
1000 Morris Avenue
Townsend Hall 117
Union, NJ 07083 USA
Email: KUHIST@kean.edu
Phone number: 1-908-737-0250/0251
Fax number: 1-908-737-0265
Department Chair: Dr. Elizabeth Hyde (rm T117-A)
Assistant Chair: Dr. Brid Nicholson (rm T117-C)
Department Secretary: Mrs. Mary Woubneh (T119)
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