General Education, Praxis, Introductory, Survey, and Interdisciplinary Courses

Courses available:

Introductory and Survey Courses

HIST 1000 History of Civil Society in America
HIST 1062 Worlds of History
(either of these two courses fill the 3 credit history General Education (GE) requirement for all majors)

It is strongly recommended that all GE courses be taken during the first year of matriculation.

HIST 1020 Roots of the Present
HIST 1030 History of Western Civilization I syllabus
HIST 1040 History of Civilization II
HIST 1050 Origins of Political and Social Values: The Judeo-Christian-Classical Fusion
HIST 1051 Process of Civilization
HIST 1052 The Grand Design of the Modern State
HIST 1070 Women in Civilization
HIST 3000 Perspectives on History (PRAXIS CLASS) information

HIST 3843 Sex in History
HIST 3850 Explorations in Psychohistory

HIST 4875 Emergence of Law in Society
HIST 4990 Senior Seminar in History/Historiography
HIST 4991 Field Work and Seminar in Urban Studies
HIST 4995 Independent Study in History

Interdisciplinary Courses

ID 1777 Introduction to Latin American Studies
ID 3100 Greek and Roman Mythology
ID 3300 Approaches to the Holocaust
ID 4001 Myth and Symbolism in Pre-Hispanic Mexico
ID 4002 Egyptian Mythology
ID 4100 China During the Age of Confucius
ID 4200 The Victorian Age
Main Kean catalog (see p.107 for history offerings): Undergrad Catalog

Useful links:

World History Source Page, George Mason University

Modern History Sourcebook

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Hyper History On-Line

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