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Fall 2015
The events calendar for Fall of 2015 is currently being assembled. Check back again in September!

Events Archive:

Spring 2015 NOTE: Details are subject to change, and we always add new events, check back!

January 27: Writing Workshop - How to take an on-line class, 3:15-4:30 T111 Map Room, Dr. Mercantini.
February 3: Writing Workshop - How to read effectively, 3:15-4:30 T111 Map Room, Dr. Nicholson.
February 5:  Writing Workshop - How to Write a History Paper, Dr. Mercantini, 12:30, Kean Ocean (Contact:  Mercantini)
February 12: Writing Workshop - How to take an essay exam, 3:15-4:30 T111 Map Room, Dr. Mayer.
February 19: Chinese New Year celebrartions (contact Kong)

February 20: Praxis II Test-Taking Workshop, 3:30 PM, HH 320 (Contact:  Mercantini)

February 24:  “What to do with a degree in history?,” 3:15 PM(Contact:  Hyde)

February 25:  Dr. Bellitto and Rabbi Brooks (Contact:  Nicholson)

March 5:  TENTATIVE Florence Dwyer Resolution, NJ Capitol, Trenton (Contact:  Nicholson/Hyde/Derris)
March is Women's History Month - The department will be co-sponsoring a series of events and speakers all month: see the attached page for details - Women's History Month Events schedule.
March 7: National History Day (Contact:  Regal)
March 24: Writing Workshop - “How to Write a History Paper,” 3:15-4:30 T111 Map Room.
March 26: Advising Meeting for Summer and Fall schedule, 3:15 TBA.
March 26: Advising Meeting for Summer and Fall schedule, 6:30pm, T11 Map Room.
March 28: Historic Preservation Primer, Kean Ocean Campus, 8:30am - 4pm. (Contact: Mercantini)
April 8: Kean University Historical Society (KUHS) trip to Philadelphia (Contact Perkiss).
April 14:  MAHGS Lecture:  Edwin Ganz on Kristallnacht, Townsend 111, 3:15 PM (Contact:  Nicholson) April 16:  Phi Alpha Theta at Kean Ocean, Speaker:  C. Brid Nicholson, Gateway 104, 6PM (Contact:  Hyde, Wetta)

April 28:  ORSP Research Days, Faculty.

April 29:  ORSP Research Days, Students.

April 30:  Phi Alpha Theta at Union, Speaker:  Dr. Anthony Grafton of Princeton University, Carriage House, Liberty Hall, 7 PM, (Contact:  Hyde)
May 5:  Graduating Senior Extravaganza! 3:15 PM, T111 (Contact:  Hyde)
Also: World War II Scrapbook Project Commemoration event, TBA, Dr. Hyde.

Fall, 2014

September 9: Writing Workshop, "How to take an On-line class," 3:15pm T111 Map Room, Dr. Mercantini.

September 11: Student Welcome Mixer. 3:15 - 4:30pm T117.
September 18: Constitution Day, "Resolving Constitutional Conflict: Past & Present," 12:30pm Carriage House, Dr. Perkiss.
September 12: KEAN DAY, 1-5pm, TBA.
September 21-27: Banned Books Week. More to come.
September 22: Writing Workshop, "How to Read Effectively," 3:15pm T117 Map Room, Dr. Nicholson.
September 27: Open House, CAS 251, 12-2pm.
September 29: Writing Workshop, "How to Take an Essay Exam," 3:15pm T111 Map Room, Dr. Mayer.
October 4: Historic Preservation Workshop 8:30am - 4pm, Kean Hall, Dr. Mercantini.
October 9: Faculty public lecture, Dr. Abigail Perkiss, "Making Good Neighbors: Community Organizing & Racial Integration in Post-War Philadelphia," 2pm, Carriage House.
October 13: Writing Workshop, "How to write a history paper," 3:15pm T111 Map Room. Dr. Hyde.
October 14: 'Born in the USA at 30: New Jersey & America in the Popular Image,' Dr. Louis Masur, Rutgers University, Kean Hall 127, 3:15pm. Free and open to the public.
October 16: Oral History Workshop, 3:15pm, Dr. Perkiss, TBA.
October 18 & 19: "Elizabethtown, New Jersey 350," Historic reenactments of famous Revolutionary War events in Elizabeth & Union.
October 21: Student advising meeting for Spring 2015, 3:15 TBA, and 6:30pm T111 Map Room, Dr. Hyde.
October 25: The department will have a booth at the Homecoming celebration.
October 28: 5th Annual Halloween Lecture on the History of the Occult, "What's so Scary about Frankenstein?" Dr. Lisa Nocks, NJIT, 3:15pm Carriage House. Open to the public.
November 10: World War I commemoration, Panel Discussion 3:15pm Carriage House.
November 21 & 22: NJHC New Jersey Forum, NJ350 Anniversary, Dr. Mercantini.

Spring, 2014

February 4: "How to take an on-line course," Dr. Mercantini, 3:15pm, T111.

February 10: "How to read effectively," Dr. Nicholson, 3:15 pm, T111.
February 18:  POSTPONED DUE TO INCLEMENT WEATHER, WILL BE RESCHEDULED Lecture:  Abraham Lincoln, Jerrold Goldstein, 3:15 PM, Carriage House (Contact:  Hyde)
February 20: "How to take an essay exam," Dr. Mayer, 3:15 pm, T111.

March 18:  “Pope Joan:  The History of a Myth,” 12:30pm Hennings 113 (Contact:  Bellitto)

March 20:  Advising Meeting, 3:15 PM, Location TBA (Contact:  Hyde)

March 20:  Advising Meeting, 6:30 PM, T111 (Contact:  Hyde)

March 27-29:  “From Colony to Identity,” Conference, Trenton (Contact:  Mercantini)

March 31: "Writing a history paper," Dr. Mercantini, 3:15 pm, T111
April 6:   HGS Stand Up to Genocide Fundraiser, Details TBA (Contact:  Klein)
April 8:  Phi Alpha Theta, Kean Ocean, 6:30 PM, Gateway Building, 1st Floor Lecture Hall (Contact:  Hyde)

April 8:  HGS Film Screening of Disobedience7:30-9:30 PM, UC Little Theatre (Contact:  Klein)

April 9:  HGS Lecture, Eric Goldman, “Cinema as Haggadah for the Holocaust,” 7:30-9:30 PM, location TBA (Contact:  Klein)
April 10:  HGS Student Lectures:  Emerging Research, 4:30-6:30 PM, Alumni House (Contact:  Klein)
April 10-11:  HGS Master Seminar on New Directions in Genocide Studies, Thursday 12-8 PM, Friday 9-4 PM, location TBA.
April 28:  Days of Holocaust Remembrance Program and Candle Lighting Ceremony, 6:45 PM, Wilkins Theatre

April 29-30:  ORSP Research Days, STEM

May 1:  Banned Book Club Event/End of Year Party, 3:15PM (Contact:  Hyde, KUHS)

May 1:  Phi Alpha Theta, Kean Union, 7PM, Carriage House, TENTATIVE  (Contact:  Hyde)

Fall 2013

September 19:  National Constitution Day, “The Legacy of the 2013 Supreme Court,” 12:30 PM, Carriage House, Liberty Hall (Contact: Dr. Perkiss)

October 7:  Writing Workshop, 3:15-4:30PM, Main campus rm T111 (Contact: Dr. Hyde) “How to take an essay exam,” Dr. Mayer

October 15:  Writing Workshop, 3:15-4:30, Main campus rm T111 (Contact: Dr. Hyde) “How to read effectively,” Dr. Nicholson

October 18-26:  2005 Pulitzer Prize winning drama, Doubt 2pm, 5pm, 8pm on different days. For more info contact Dr. E. Teresa                                 Choate (, 737-4427). Chris Bellitto, as dramaturg, will run a Q&A after the show. Zella Fry                                         Theatre in Vaughn-Eames. Study guide.

October 23: MA HGS Program Reception, 6:30 pm Kean Hall, Room 127 (Contact Dr. Klein) See the flyer!

October 22:  History of the Book Symposium, Carriage House , Liberty Hall (Contact: Drs. Regal or Hyde)

October 24: History Matters:  Steve Berry, Writing Workshop, Liberty Hall (Contact: Bill Schroh, Liberty Hall)

October 29:  Hurricane Sandy Commemoration, 3:30 pm Wagon Shed, Liberty Hall (Contact: Drs. Golway or Perkiss)

November 5:  HalloweenLecture, “The Inquisition,” Christopher Bellitto , 3-4:30pm (Contact: Dr. Regal) Location CAS 106

November 12: Writing Workshop, 3:15-4:30, Main campus rm T111 (Contact: Dr. Hyde)

November 14, 2013:  3:15, George Rable lecture, "The Other Battlefield," Carriage House, Liberty Hall Museum.

November 19, 2013:  Film Screening, Revolution '67, 7 PM, Carriage House, Liberty Hall (Contact: Dr. Perkiss)

December 5, 2013:  Writing Workshop, 3:15PM, Main campus rm T111 (Contact: Dr. Hyde)

Fall, 2012

September 10:  Faculty Seminar Webinar:  Debbie Morrison, “The Global Crisis and Promise of Higher Education,” 3:20PM, Kean Hall 130
September 13:  HRI and HGS Lecture, David Herrstrom, on the works of Jacob Landau (to accompany exhibition in gallery), 6 PM, HRI Gallery
September 20:  National Constitution Day Celebration, 12:30-2:30 PM, Carriage House. See flyer!

September 20:  “Emerging Research in Holocaust and Genocide Studies,” 4:30PM, Human Rights Institute

September 23:  MAHGS Information Session, Graduate Student Open House, 1PM, East Campus

October 12:  Robert Dallek, “The Making, and Unmaking, of Presidents,” CAS 106, 3:30pm.

October 15:  Faculty Seminar Webinar:  “The Global Crisis and Promise of Higher Education,” 3:20PM, Kean Hall 130

October 16:  “From ‘I Like Ike’ to Will.I.Am,” 6-7:30PM, STEM Auditorium SEE FLYER!

October 25:  Third Annual Kean University Halloween Lecture on the History of the Occult - Elizabeth Hyde:  “Kings, Queens, and Witches:  Leonora Galigai and the Politics of Witchcraft in Seventeenth-Century France,” 3:15-4:30PM, Carriage House. SEE FLYER!

October 29:  George Rable, Lecture:  “Lincoln, McClellan, and New Jersey in the Presidential Election of 1864,” 3:15-5PM, Kean Hall Room 127 SEE FLYER!

November 12:  Faculty Seminar Webinar:  “The Global Crisis and Promise of Higher Education,” 3:20PM, Kean Hall 130

November 18:  Lecture, Dennis Klein, “Change and Continuity in Modern Jewish History,” 1PM, Union YM/YWHA, 501 GreenLane, Union. For YMCA lectures SEE THIS FLYER.

November 29:  “The End is Here:  2012 and the Apocalypse,” Brian Regal, Chris Bellitto, Frank Argote-Freyre, 3:15 PM, Carriage House SEE THE POSTER.

December 3:  Lecture, Doris Bergen, U of Toronto, “Witnesses to Atrocity:  Religious Morality, German Military Chaplains, and the Holocaust,” 7PM, Wilkins Theatre

December 10:  Faculty Seminar Webinar:  “The Global Crisis and Promise of Higher Education,” 3:20PM, Kean Hall 130

December 10: Dr. Argote-Freyre on Mayans & 2012 Springfield Public Library, 7 pm   Also see this list of relevent web pages for further study.

Spring, 2013

January 23:  Lecture, Dennis Klein, “The Jews of Europe:  The Wish (Illusion?) to Belong,” 7:30PM, Union YM/YWHA, 501 Green Lane, Union. For YMCA lectures SEE THIS FLYER.

February 11:  Faculty Seminar Webinar:  “The Global Crisis and Promise of Higher Education,” 3:20PM, Kean Hall 130

February 25: Historical Society presents "Leveling the Playing Field: Gender, Race and Sports in 20th Century America," 3:15pm Carriage House, Liberty Hall.

February 27:  Lecture, Dr. Ruth Griffith, “Jews of 20th Century Ukraine,” 7:30PM, Union YM/YWHA, 501 Green Lane, Union

March 5: "Picking Popes," Dr. Christopher Bellitto, will offer his perspective on the resignation of Pope Benedict and the process of picking his successor on Tuesday, March 5, 3:15-4:30 in the Carriage House at Liberty Hall.

March 18:  Worlds Together/Worlds Apart Lecture

March 18:  Faculty Seminar Webinar:  “The Global Crisis and Promise of Higher Education,” 3:20PM, Kean Hall 130

March 20:  Lecture, Dr. Sue Gronewold, “The Jews of China:  A Secret Existence,” 7:30PM, Union YM/YWHA, 501 Green Lane, Union

March 20: As part of Women's History Month, Dr. Helen Brudner of FarleighDickinson University will present"Our Daughters, The Soldiers" about women in the military with an emphasis on World War II and current times. Elizabeth Public Library, Elmora Branch, 6pm.

March 23:  National History Day

April 8:  Faculty Seminar Webinar:  “The Global Crisis and Promise of Higher Education,” 3:20PM, Kean Hall 130

April 23 “WAR AND MEMORY: THE EAST ASIA-PACIFIC WAR SIXTY EIGHT YEARS LATER,” Dr. Frank Wetta, 7:30pm, Warner Student Life Center. Fee: $12 adults, $5 students, Brookdale Community College. SEE FLIER

April 23 "Murderous Mormons and Meek Methodists," STEM 317 12:30. Dr. Brid Nicholson.

April 10:  Lecture, Dr. Melodie Toby, “Jews in Africa and the African Diaspora,” 7:30PM, Union YM/YWHA, 501 Green Lane, Union

May 2: End of the year party! Carriage House, 3:15, Great Gatsby Theme. Food and fun!

May 13:  Faculty Seminar Webinar:  “The Global Crisis and Promise of Higher Education,” 3:20PM, Kean Hall 130

July 3-16:  MAHGS Study Delegation to Multinational Sites of Former Genocide

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