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Through the study of history, one can search for an understanding of the history of human groupings-countries, religions and civilizations-which have generated the emotions, symbols and values of contemporary life. The student can appreciate the complex causes of the rise and fall of civilizations and the underlying realities of leadership, social class and power. 

If you want to pursue a career around History but do NOT want to teach:

Kean offers the B.A. in History that can help you prepare for graduate work, law school, and a broad range of careers in government, museums, journalism, and business.

·         B.A. History

·         B.A. History, Honors Option

To maximize your success on the job market, you should consider doing a minor or taking courses in business, marketing, computer science, or political science as a means to build skill sets that employers value.

If you want to teach History/Social Studies in primary or secondary schools:

Kean offers dual degree certification programs that allow you to graduate with a B.A. in history and certification from pre-school through 12th grade:

·         B.A. History/Teacher Certification, P-12

·         B.A. History/Teacher Certification, Special Education, P-12

·         B.A. History/Teacher Certification, P-12, Honors

You can also opt for a B.A. in education and prepare a “Content Area” in history:

·         B.A. Education, History as Content Area, P-3, P-5, 5-8

If you want to pursue a career in Law:

As law schools tend not to favor candidates who completed a “pre-law” major, the new program is a B.A. in History, Pre-Law Option.  The program combines offerings in History and Political Science, as well as Philosophy, Communications, and other fields, in order to help you develop a solid foundation for future study in law.

·         B.A. History, Pre-Law Option

Honors History:

Mission Statement:
The Department of History Honors Program is an undergraduate history major program option dedicated to serving history majors performing at the highest level of achievement through a challenging curriculum of undergraduate instruction in history. Students who meet the stated qualifications are invited to apply for admission to the program. The rigorous program trains students in the intellectually demanding and creative work of conducting original research, engaging in sophisticated historical analysis of their findings, and cultivating their ability to write analytically. In completing the program, students will assemble a portfolio of original research and writing that will enable them to demonstrate their preparedness for graduate-level work in history and related fields.

Interested students should complete the Honors Program Admission Application and submit to
Questions regarding the program should be directed to Dr. Mercantini or Dr. Hyde via

History: Liberal Arts

A 45-credit major where students are expected to develop basic competencies in several broad areas of history. All majors are required to take a course in Western Civilization, but while the title of this course is traditional, the content and focus of the course is quite current with an emphasis on the interaction of western and non-western cultures and their impact upon each other. Students are also required to take two semesters of American history where the contributions of women, minorities and the working class are fully discussed. 
Additionally, every major is required to complete two upper level courses in European history, one course in either African, Latin American or Middle East history, and Senior Seminar. The balance of a student's academic program is composed of upper level electives which a student selects with department advisement. 
Students who select a second major (or academic concentration for Elementary Education and Early Childhood Education majors) have the same set of basic requirements as indicated above. Education majors must have a minimum grade-point average of 2.75 to be admitted into their programs of study. 

History: Teacher Certification

Jointly administered by the Department of History and the Department of Instruction, Curriculum and Administration, the certificate is designed to allow undergraduates to complete their baccalaureate requirements in the major while at the same time fulfilling the State of New Jersey Certification Requirements for K - 12 teachers of history and social studies. Students must have a minimum grade-point average of 2.75 to be admitted into, and graduate from this program.

Minor in History:
The minor in history has two required courses (six credits) along with five electives (15 credits) which are chosen with advising from a resident faculty member. Come by the department's offices and have a chat. 
Reference the History Minor Guidesheet for more information. 
Minors Offered:
  • History Minor
  • Art History Minor 
  • Jewish Studies Minor 
  • Asian Studies Minor
History Courses: Master of Arts in Liberal Studies

A variety of history courses taught in graduate seminar format are offered in fulfillment of the M.A.L.S. degree program.