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- Announcing the new Marcus Ellis Award for student teaching.
- Check out our twice Emmy Award nominated television series celebrating the 350th Anniversary of the state of New Jersey! Written by Drs. Mercantini and Golway
It Happened Here: New Jersey sponsored by the Department of History and New Jersey Historical Commission.
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Congratulations: Are in order!

- to department secretary Mary Woubneh or winning the Kean University Presidential Excellence Award for Distinguished Service for 2015!
- to Dr. Elizabeth Hyde for being named Kean University Faculty/Student Mentor of the year for 2015!
- to Professor Emeritus Jay Spaulding for being named to the editorial board of DOTAWO: A Journal of Nubian  Studies.
- to Dr. Brian Regal for receiving the 2014 Kean University Presidential Excellence Award for Scholarship.
- to Dr. Frank Wetta for receiving the 2014 Edwin H. Simmons Memorial Service Award for long, distinguished or particularly outstanding service to the Society for Military History.
- to Dr. Dennis Klein for winning the 2013 Distinguished Service Award for Faculty.
- to Dr. Brid Nicholson for receiving the 2013 Kean University Presidential Excellence Award for Scholarship.
- to Dr. Jay Spaulding upon his retirement after 43 years at Kean and his promotion to Professor Emeritus.
New faculty books:
- Drs. Brian Regal & Frank J. Esposito, The Secret History of the Jersey Devil (Johns Hopkins University Press, 2018).

- Dr. Dennis Klein, Survivor Transitional Narratives of Nazi-Era Destruction: The Second Liberation(Bloomsbury Publishing, London: 2017).
- Dr. Victor Rodriguez (Wenzhou, China lecturer), Creating the Practical Man of Modernity(Routledge, Press 2016).
- Dr. Frank Wetta, Last Stands from the Alamo to Benghazi (Routledge Press, 2016).
-Dr. Christopher Bellitto, Ageless Wisdom: Lifetime Lessons from the Bible (Paulist Press, 2016).
- Dr. Jay Spaulding, Professor Emeritus, co-editor of The Road to the Two Sudans (Newcastle-upon-Tyne: Cambridge Scholars Press, 2014.) which includes his article "The Old Men who Know the Boundaries:' Local Agency in Old Sudanese Politics," p. 143-159.
- Dr. Abigail Perkiss
Making Good Neighbors: Civil Rights, Liberalism, and Integration in Postwar Philadelphia
Drs. Frank Wetta & Elizabeth Hyde
Dr. Brian Regal
Sue Kozel
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- Dr. Chris Bellitto in a new documantary on the life of St. Anthony of Padua.
- Dr. Frank Argote-Freyre casts the final vote for President Obama as part of the US Electoral College.
- Professor Emeritus Tom Banit's latest article on the Battleship New Jersey in The Jerseyman
- Watch Dr. Frank Argote-Freyre in 'Edge of War' on the 
Military Channel. He appears in the new episode Castro's Revolution.
- Congratulations to Adjunct Professor Sue Kozel

Ms. Kozel was one of about 20 faculty and/or graduate students picked from throughout the US to participate in a six week seminar hosted by the Institute for Constitutional History at the New York Historical Society.  She just finished week four. Taught by Jefferson Scholar Peter Onuf (UVA) and Annette Gordon-Reed (Harvard and NYU, the Hemings of Monticello, and Thomas Jefferson's relationship with Sally Hemings), this seminar focused on race and rights during the Early American Republic from the Declaration of Independence to the debates about and passage of the United States Constitution.

Her paper topic has been accepted as one the papers part of the plenary sessions at the University of Paris (France) in May 2013. The topic is the influence of Abolitionist and Humanitarian Anthony Benezet in parts of NJ; it's the 300th anniversary of his birth, and a French and English-speaking conference has been organized to talk about his significance in Philadelphia, Greater Philadelphia (NJ), the British colonies, the new United States of America, England, and France.  She will be looking at Benezet's influence on two Quaker brothers she has been studying...Richard and Nicholas Waln. Benezet created one of America's earliest African American schools in Philadelphia in his house and neighborhood. Maurice Jackson (Georgetown) is one of the best authorities on Benezet in the US.