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Each student is required to meet with their adviser every semester before registering for classes.  This is for both guidance in choosing classes and for the removal of advising blocks.

Note: Not every course offered every semester, check the Kean University Bulletin for specific semester offerings.


HIST 1000 History of Civil Society in America (fulfills GE requirement, but will no longer be offered after Summer II)
HIST 1020 Roots of the Present
HIST 1030 History of Western Civilization I
HIST 1040 History of Western Civilization II
HIST 1062 Worlds of History (fulfills GE requirement) - web page

Comparative/Thematic History

HIST 1060 From Scientific Revolution to Democratic Revolution
HIST 1061 Freedom and Organization: Nationalism, Imperialism, and Industrialization
HIST 1062 Modern World Civilizations: Crises of the Contemporary World

HIST 2000-2001 Historical Exploration with Film
HIST 2120 World Archeology

HIST 3000 Perspectives on History - web page
HIST 3241 The Wealth of Nations:  Roots of the 20th Century World Economy
HIST 3300 Public History I
HIST 3301 Public History II
HIST 3321 Introduction to the History of Medicine
HIST 3335 Women's History (formerly HIST1070)
HIST 3843 Sex in History
HIST 3850 Explorations in Psychohistory
HIST 3852 History of Science
HIST 3853 Charles Darwin: A Life and Times
HIST 3860 Jewish History to 1789
HIST 3861 Modern Jewish History
HIST 3864 The First World War: A Historical Watershed
HIST 3865 World War II

HIST 4120 Archaeology
HIST 4235 Industrial Revolution: the History of Technological Society
HIST 4236 History of Alchemy and the Origins of Modern Science
HIST 4320 Pirates and the Atlantic World
HIST 4374 History of Just War
HIST 4840 Women in History
HIST 4841 Women in the Modern Age
HIST 4850 Freedom: Black and Jewish Perspectives
HIST 4875 The Emergence of Law in Society
HIST 4876 Human Evolution and Modern Society
HIST 4882 Modern Scientific and Technological Impact

European History

HIST  3110 Greek Civilization
HIST  3120 Roman Civilization
HIST  3121 The Ancient City
HIST  3228 The Age of Reform:  England Since 1815
HIST 3231
Medieval Europe: History and Civilization I
HIST 3232
Medieval Europe: History and Civilization II
HIST  3233 England in the Middle Ages
HIST  3234 Europe in the Seventeenth Century
HIST  3235 Europe in the Eighteenth Century
HIST  3236 The Tudor-Stuart Age:  Society in Conflict
HIST  3237 The Emergence of Modern England 1689-1815
HIST  3241 The Wealth of Nations:  Roots of the 20th C World Economy
HIST  3242 Europe Since 1870 (formerly HIST4237)
HIST  3244 The Nazi Era:  Germany before the Holocaust
HIST 3245 The Holocaust 1939 - 1945
HIST 3250 The Rise and Fall of the British Empire
HIST  3252 European Intellectual History in the 19th and 20th Century
HIST  3260 Renaissance Europe
HIST  3261 Reformation Europe
HIST  3273 Ireland: Mystique and History
HIST  3274 Ireland: 1801-1977
HIST  3280 Spain:  The Rise of the First World Empire
HIST  3281 Imperial Spain
HIST  3845 Witchcraft in the Western Tradition
HIST 3853 Charles Darwin: A Life and Times
HIST 3864 The First World War: A Historical Watershed
HIST  4110 The Roman Revolution
HIST  4111 The Roman Empire
HIST 4140 The Trojan War: History and Legend
HIST  4150 Athens in the Age of Pericles
HIST  4152 Alexander the Great:  History and Legend
HIST  4220 The Revolutionary Era 1789-1870
HIST  4233 Tsarist Russia: From the Muscovite Period to the Great Emancipation
HIST  4234 Revolutionary and Soviet Russia, and Beyond
HIST  4238 Germany, Empire and War
HIST  4239 Hapsburg Empire
HIST  4241 Weimar Germany
HIST  4242 Twentieth Century France: Imperial Glory to Identity Crisis
HIST  4250 The Papacy and Its History

American History

HIST  1000 History of Civil Society in America
HIST  2303 United States History to 1877
HIST  2304 United States History from 1877 to Present

HIST  3010 Modern America Through Film
HIST  3305 The History of the Black American-to1900
HIST  3306 20th History of the Black American 1900-Present
HIST  3323 History of Medicine in America
HIST  3324 The American West
HIST  3326 History of New Jersey
HIST  3329 History of Religion in America
HIST  3330 The Labor Movements in America 1864 to Present
HIST  3331 The History of Sports in the United States
HIST  3340 20th Century America
HIST  3341 End of American Innocence
HIST  3360 History of Business in America
HIST  3363 America in the 1960’s:  The Turbulent Decade
HIST  3365 From Immigrants to Citizens:  History of Latinos in the US
HIST 3863 American Jewish History
HIST 3854 History of Pseudoscience in America
HIST 3999 The American Experience in Vietnam

HIST 4317 Colonial America
HIST 4318 The American Revolution

HIST 4321 American Liberty and Law
HIST 4323 The New Nation: America 1787-1848
HIST 4350 America in the Gilded Age, 1865-1905: The Making of Modern America

HIST 4351 America 1945 to the Present
HIST  4361 The American City
HIST  4364 History of the North American Indian
HIST  4365 American Foreign Affairs I:  1775-1899
HIST  4366 American Foreign Affairs II, 1899-Present: America Becomes a Superpower
HIST 4370 Modern Civil Rights Movement
HIST  4367 The History of American Immigration
HIST  4369 The American People in the Depression and War 1929-1945
HIST  4368 The Civil War and Reconstruction
HIST  4371 The Cold War in History

Latin American History

HIST  3375 Colonial Latin America
HIST  3376 Modern and Contemporary Latin America
HIST  3381 History of Cuba
HIST  3382 History of Mexico and Central America
HIST  3383 History of the Caribbean

HIST  4362 Amerindian Peoples of the Andes:  The Incas
HIST  4363 Amerindian Civilizations in Mesoamerica:  Aztecs and Mayas
HIST  4384 History of Brazil

Asian History

HIST  3400 Diplomatic History of the Far East in the 19th and 20th Century
HIST  3401 Traditional Asia
HIST 3402 Modern Asia
HIST  3410 China in the 20th Century

HIST  4410 The Rise of Modern Japan, 1620-present
HIST  4430 Genocide in Asian History
HIST  4842 The Asian Woman

African and Middle Eastern History

HIST  2500 African History to 1885
HIST  2510 African History Since 1885

HIST  3600 Historical Survey of Islamic Civilization in the Near East
HIST  3610 The Ottoman Empire
HIST  3620 Modern Israel
HIST 4121 The Crusades

Seminars and Independent Study

HIST 4000 Special Topics in History (content varies from one semester to the next. See a faculty member for details)
HIST 4990 Senior Seminar in History
HIST 4991 Field Work and Seminar in Urban Studies
HIST 4995 Independent Study in History

Travel Courses

HIST  3150 A Greek Adventure

Interdisciplinary Courses

ID 1777 Introduction to Latin American Studies
ID 1800 Holocaust Genocide, and Modern Humanity (counts as a 3000)
ID 3100 Greek and Roman Mythology
ID 3300 Approaches to the Holocaust
ID 4001 Myth and Symbolism in Pre-Hispanic Mexico
ID 4002 Egyptian Mythology
ID 4100 China During the Age of Confucius
ID 4200 The Victorian Age