Curriculum Guides

History Degree Requirements
- NOTE: The guide sheet you go by is the one in use at the moment you MATRICULATED into Kean University
 Fall 2019    
 2017 or Later* Pre-2017**
 BA History BA History BA History #48100 (as of 1/2010)
 BA History Honors History- Pre-Law        Graduation Map BA History
 BA History Pre-Law History Honors Special Ed
 BA History- KeanOcean #48100
 BA History/Teacher Certification K-12
 History Honors Teacher Certification  BA Honors History
 BA History/ Teacher Certification Honors
 History Teacher Certification BA Hist Teach Cert Special Ed #48198 K-12
 BA History/ Teacher Certification TSD
 History Teacher Certification Special Ed  BA Education with History as Content Area: P-3, K-5, 5-8, (as of 1/2010)
 BA History/ Teacher Certification TSD Honors
 Second Major History Honors Middle School Graduation Map BA History/ Teacher Certification
 Elementary Education P-3, K-6 Content with TSD Elementary 
 History Content Area P-3, K-6BA History/Teacher Certification #48199 (as of 1/2010)
 Grade 5-8 Middle School Minor in History BA Asian Studies (part 1)
   BA Asian Studies (part 2)
   BA History 2002 (as of 2002)
   BA History w/PT track (Physical Therapy)
   Note: The following form is in two parts, download both.

BA History/ Teacher Certification 2006/7 #48199 pge 1 (as of 2006)

BA History/Teacher Certification 2006/7 #48199 page 2 (as of 2006)

    **ALL STUDENTS WHO ENTERED KEAN PRIOR TO 2017 MUST USE THE FOLLOWING: (However, in consultation with your advisor students may adopt the most updated curriculum above).

    These guide sheets are the template you must use in order to take all the courses required for your degree.  Consult with a faculty member when registering for classes and always bring a copy of your guide sheet with you for advisement and registration.

    Also, history/education majors MUST contact their education department advisor as well.

    Guide sheets for Early Childhood, Elementary, and Middle School including those with dual certification (Bilingual and Special Ed) with history specialization are not in the History Dept but in ESME  located in Hutchinson 3rd floor.

    Art History Minor Requirements

    It is the responsibility of each student to follow the guide sheets, take the appropriate classes, and seek advising.

    Do not wait until you think you are ready to graduate before getting this information in order.  Poor attention to the guide sheet can result in you not graduating when you hoped to.

    Main Kean catalog (see p.107 for history offerings):


    Please see the link provided below for the Degree Audit Update Request Form.

    Students should go to the link below and click on whatever situation is appropriate to their circumstance.  There is also a space to include other questions they may have regarding their degree audit.  The turn around time is expected to be about two weeks.

    Please review the different situations that are listed on the qualtrics form below:


    • I have submitted updated transcripts evidencing the completion of my A.A. or A.S. degree from a N.J. community college.

    • I have submitted transcripts which list the last semester’s courses completed at my previous institution. This did not result in the completion of an A.A. or A.S. degree from a N.J. community college.

    • I completed Advanced Placement coursework and the results have been sent to the university.

    • I completed College Level Examination Program (CLEP) coursework and the results have been sent to the university.

    • I believe I should have received more credit upon the evaluation of my initial transfer credits. *NOTE: Students must review their evaluations with their department chairpersons and/or advisors prior to submitting requests of this nature. Such requests should be accompanied by a request for a “Transfer Coursework Substitution Request".

    • I have taken coursework at another institution since my acceptance at Kean and need to have those courses reflected on my degree audit. *NOTE: Students must have the "Request to Take Coursework at Another Institution" form approved by their department prior to submitting this type of request.

      Please state the office to which you have requested your transcripts be sent. If you have not requested your transcripts, please ask that they be sent to: Office of University Admissions, 1000 Morris Avenue, Union, NJ 07083.

    When in doubt, seek advising!