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Welcome to HIST1062: Worlds of History.  This is the General Education (GE) course that--along with HIST1000--satisfies the Kean University GE requirement for all students regardless of major. It is strongly recommended that students take this class in the first year of matriculation.

This is a new course that reflects changes in our thinking about what is important for us to know about history. In the complicated world of today,  we at Kean think it is vitally important that we are all aware of how global forces act and interact with our local and larger communities, both now and in the past.

Here is the formal course description which sums up our goals for this course: [Worlds of History is] "an introduction to the history of world civilizations which gives students an understanding of the major developments in human civilization over the last millennia, encourages them to think historically by studying human change critically and analytically as it relates to the relationship of the past to both the present and the future."  And here are some of the other goals we have for this course:

  • to look at the interplay between traditions and encounters
  • to explore how globalism interacts with and the history of the environment, state and society, commerce, religion, and questions of identity from antiquity to the present         
  • to engage critically with primary documents as pieces of historical evidence
  • to develop effective and eloquent written and oral communication skills by developing clearly stated and well-reasoned historical arguments
  • to develop a greater sense of the different ways it means to be human as individuals and as part of communities that have lived and interacted and changed over space and time
All sections use the same basic textbook, Kevin Reilly's Worlds of History in a special Kean edition (Additional texts will be assigned individually by each faculty member). All students must have the textbook, and many instructors will require that the book be brought to class. It can be purchased at the Kean Bookstore.  See your instructor for details.

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