United States History

Patriotic song book give-away, First National Bank, Jersey City, NJ 1917
Courses available:

US History

HIST 2303 United States History to 1877
HIST 2304 United States History 1877 to Present

HIST 3300 Public History I
HIST 3301 Public History II
HIST 3305 History of the Black American-to 1900
HIST 3306 20th Century Black History
HIST 3323 History of Medicine in America
HIST 3324 The American West
HIST 3326 New Jersey History
HIST 3330 Labor Movements in America: 1864 to Present
HIST 3331 History of Sports in America
HIST 3340 20th Century America
HIST 3360 History of Business in America
HIST 3363 America in the 60s
HIST 3854 History of Pseudoscience in America
HIST 3999 American Experience in Vietnam

HIST 4319 British Colonies and the American Revolution
HIST 4361 American City
HIST 4365 American Foreign Affairs I: 1775-1899
HIST 4366 The US Becomes a Superpower: 1899 - Present
HIST 4367 History of American Immigration
HIST 4368 Civil War and Reconstruction

Ancient America

HIST 4362 Amerindian Peoples of the Andes: The Incas
HIST 4363 Amerindian Civilization in Mesoamerica: Aztecs and Mayas
HIST 4364 History of the North American Indian
ID 4001 Myth and Symbolism in Pre-Hispanic Mexico

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American Philosophical Society

American Antiquarian Society

New Jersey Historical Society

US Library of Congress

US National Archives

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