History of Science, Technology and Medicine

Kean University offers course work in the history of science, technology and medicine. These courses are open to all majors, and cover a range of fascinating topics from the Industrial Revolution to the role of doctors in America to technological advances from Asia to controversies over human evolution, to the growing corporate control of medicine: From our earliest ancestors to the Egyptians to Darwin to electromagnetic theory and thermodynamics to the dinosaurs.

In these courses students study the history, development and social impact of scientific ideas, machines, medical practices and the lives of the men and women who promoted, defended and attacked them.

One can also minor in the history of science by fulfilling the standard
minor in history requirement (21 credits, see the BA Guide Sheet link above) by taking all history of science courses.

A knowledge of the history of science, technology and medicine adds to a student's wider understanding of the human condition.  For history majors these classes provide a grounding in one of the central engines that drives human history.  For science and technology majors these courses offer the crucial historical background to their major fields.

Courses available:

HIST 3321 Introduction to the History of Medicine

HIST 3323 History of Medicine in America

HIST 3852 History of Science

HIST 3853 Charles Darwin: A Life and Times

HIST 3854 A History of Pseudoscience in America

HIST 4235 Industrial Revolution

HIST 4236 History of Alchemy and the Origins of Modern Science

HIST 4876 Human Evolution and Modern Society

HIST 4882 Modern Scientific and Technological Impact

HIST 5810 Impact of Science and Technology on Culture (Graduate)

NOTE: These courses can be taken in any sequence

Useful links:

These are some of the premier history of science and technology societies:
History of Science Society (HSS) http://www.hssonline.org/
British Society for the History of Science (BSHS)  http://www.bshs.org.uk/
Society for the History of Technology (SHOT)

All things Darwin including correspondence and diaries:
Darwin OnLine http://darwin-online.org.uk/

All things Thomas Edison:
The Edison Papers http://edison.rutgers.edu/

An excellent local group:
Medical History Society of New Jersey http://www.mhsnj.org/

Student originated pod casting on the History of Science
'The Missing Link'  http://missinglinkpodcast.wordpress.com/

The most notorious body snatchers in history:
New York Academy of Medicine "The Resurrectionists"

Source for historical scientific instruments:
Museum of the History of Science, Oxford University

Radio and television history resource:
The David Sarnoff Library http://www.davidsarnoff.org/

American Museum of Natural History, New York


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