European History - Medieval, Renaissance/Reformation

The Department of History offers a broad selection of courses in European history, ranging chronologically from the medieval period to the modern era, and geographically from Great Britain eastward to Russia.  European historians within the department bring an equally diverse set of methodologies and areas of specialization to the analysis of European history and culture, thereby allowing students to put together a stimulating course of study.  Watch for new offerings!

Courses available:

HIST 3231  Medieval Europe:   History and Civilization I
HIST 3232  Medieval Europe:  History and Civilization II
HIST 3233  England in the Middle Ages
HIST 3234  Europe in the Seventeenth Century
HIST 3235  Europe in the Eighteenth Century
HIST 3236  The Tudor-Stuart Age:  Society in Conflict
HIST 3237  The Emergence of Modern England:  1689-1815
HIST 3238  The Age of Reform:  England Since 1815
HIST 3239  France and the Revolutionary Tradition Since Napoleon
HIST 3240  Renaissance and Reformation
HIST 3241  The Wealth of Nations:  Roots of the 20th Century World Economy
HIST 3244  The Nazi Era:  Germany before the Holocaust
HIST 3252  European Intellectual History in the 19th and 20th Century
HIST 3273  Ireland:  Mystique and History
HIST 3274  Ireland:  1801-1977
HIST 3280  Spain:  The Rise of the First World Power
HIST 3281  Imperial Spain

HIST 4220  The Revolutionary Era:  1789-1870
HIST 4233  Tsarist Russia:  From the Moscovite Period to the Great Emancipation
HIST 4234  Revolutionary and Soviet Russia, and Beyond
HIST 4235  Industrial Revolution;  Topics in the History of Technological Society
HIST 4237  Europe Since 1870
HIST 4238  History of Germany, 1805 to Present
HIST 4239  Hapsburg Empire and Nationality Problems
HIST 4240  History of Ethnic Minorities in Europe
HIST 4241  Weimar Germany
HIST 4242  Twentieth-Century France:  Imperial Glory to Identity Crisis
HIST 4250  The Papacy and its History

ORB: The Online Reference Site for Medieval Studies

Internet Medieval History Sourcebook

The Labryinth: Resources for Medieval Studies

Netserf: The Internet Connection for Medieval Resources

Main Kean catalog (see p.107 for history offerings): Undergrad Catalog

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